You’ve done exactly what


You’ve done exactly what other people have done and got stuck. You sought permission to shoot the video and stick it on youtube. That is fine. However, although YOU own the video because you shot it, they own the rights to exploit their performance, not you. Unless you agreed the money and rights in some evidential form – written or oral, they can’t use the video without your permission and you can’t use their performance. I don’t know where you are, but in the UK this is how it is. I own loads of stuff I’ve recorded the audio and visuals for over the years, but in virtually all of them, I do not own the rights to the performance, so if the singer says NO, I cannot do anything with it at all – and in two cases, have a solicitors letter informing me that I have not got permission to exploit (the legal term for use) it.

If they used the video without permission, AND by removing your logo, made a conscious decision to set aside your rights, a court would probably agree that you had your rights compromised. Clearly, they are lacking in at the very least, morals. You could insist they remove the video as they do not have rights and Youtube will do this if you make them aware, and explain they removed your copyright notice. They will tell you that you cannot use their performance. Both are sadly correct. It’s going nowhere unless you can negotiate with them.

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