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yourvideographer makes a great point with his post about popular music. I can answer this question It is absolutly illegal to use that music in any production with out aquiring the rites. Unless you hav a big budget those rites are almost impossible to aquire.

I know that many video services will use popular music in productions for weddings etc. And they knowingly violate the copyright and therfore take a very real financial risk with their business.

For instance at our Church we havea performance license. It allows us to perform secular music that we want to incorporate into our service. It also allows us toplay recorded music for pre service or other events. This license is even required if you want to play recorded music say during an exercise class.

This can be a never ending topic but I think an important one.

I am including a link to a website that is geared toward Churches but has alot of good copyright information.

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