You’re welcome Valen.


You’re welcome Valen.
All good (i.e. legal) wireless mic systewms these days operate in the UHF band. Even the pro audio manufacturers and buyers like us are gambling that what you design or buy today will be legal for the long term. No one can read the government minds any more πŸ™
it’s a case of talking to a reputable shop and buying based on their recommendation as they know what’s good in your area.
I’ve never had any client break an antenna on me. They’re only a few inches long so they’re not going to get caught in something unless they try really hard. I take the time to make sure that the pack is placed properly on them so that it won’t fall off. I’ve heard stories about actors not taking care of things like they should but that’s rare. I work in the corporate world and explain to my talent what I’m doing and ask them to please let me remove the pack and mic after the shoot is finished. That way you avoid any potential problems.


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