You’re the person with the


You’re the person with the camcorder, you’re the one getting paid, you’re the one who wants a referral for the next wedding on what a great job you did….

So stand with your camcorder right in front of the altar, on a tripod ready (not fully extended but balanced and centered) to fold up quickly and your camcorder zoomed in on her as she enters. Kneel down and support your camcorder if you have to.

When she starts walking closer to you start zooming out SLOWLY keeping her within frame as she gets closer and closer…. keep one eye on the viewfinder and the other eye on her.

Right when she reaches the 3rd pew start moving away- physically get out of there to the left or to the right so you can get her kiss her Dad and join hands with the groom. After you get this you have enough time to set up your next shot before the officiant starts talking. Leave the rest to editing.

Now, you don’t have to be so “on the edge” just get her walking down that aisle- maybe move out of the way when she reached the 10th pew…

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