You’re right, lossless or


You’re right, lossless or uncompressed AVI files are huge. If you are starting with xvidcompressed files, I’d recommend going to MPG2 as your source for editing. It is far less compressed than xvid and works great for editing in Vegas. Then if you want an AVI file, you can select that when rendering your program in Vegas. But just use the standard “NTSC DV” format, you will have minimal compression (intra-frame compression) and the resulting files will be the typical 5 min. per GB of file. But I don’t see that you’d get any advantage out of upconverting the compressed video. Just keeping it in MPG2 will maintain the quality of the files you started with. And MPG2 is becoming the defacto standard of video compression so it is generally easier to find programs to convert other video formats into it. If you have problems using Super, I have found & tested several free video format conversion programs on C-net’s that could do a good job.

So good luck and if the problems continue, just give us an update on the issues and I’m confident a solution can be found.

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