You’re best off if you don’t


You're best off if you don't think in terms of "lighting the set," but rather just think about boosting the ambient light level. In other words, make the whole room brighter rather than trying to direct light specifically onto the conference table or desk.


Mike's advice is excellent. If the ceiling isn't white, bounce the light off white or light gray foam core panels at the rear of the room. You can get these at any art supply store and they are reusable indefinitely.


Using an on-camera light is not a very good idea since your subject(s) will be squinting into a bright light throughout the meeting. However, using the light to bounce off a wall or ceiling works well.


Generally speaking, it's a good idea to use as little supplemental light as possible. Every time you introduce a new light you introduce new shadows and new problems making things look good. Take along a monitor if possible — even a small television set will work — and see what your setup looks like. It doesn't matter what the lighting looks like to your eye, it's what it looks like in the camera that matters.


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