Your video is very busy and


Your video is very busy and you’re selling the steak, not the sizzle. Your focus is on technical jargon like lower thirds, titles, etc. If that’s how you do it, you won’t get or keep many customers. Coke and Pepsi don’t focus on the taste of their product, they show people drinking it and having fun, smiling, happy – the sizzle. If someone came to you and asked for a video to sell their webpage or product, to do exactly what you do, is this the video you would produce? You have the skills for technical stuff, but everything goes by too fast, too technical, no humor, no sizzle. I’m impressed by your skills, but not by your script writing, concept development, and execution. Here is a poor example as it’s 30 seconds of script and concept development: A) Show how they contact you – Fivver, phone, email, B) show meeting you at their business (example, a furniture store); C) Development; D) Shoot on site – show people smiling happy, do something funny or interesting (someone gets bumped and customer spills a little drink on leather recliner they’re looking at; salesperson’s face shows “no problem” and uses a wipe to easily clean it.); E) during showing this, zoom out and show you are actually at your editing console, producing the video; F) Show the happy recliner customer at home, resting in their new recliner, with a big smile as they close their eyes in comfort. G) You have a good appearance, so close with you onscreen telling audience you can do this for them – video production, script, concept, web page development. Close with how to contact you, again. Buy ads on Youtube. Google ad words is expensive, but effective and you can set your budget. Youtube ads work also. Are you on Craigslist? Send out a sample 100 snail mail brochures to 100 target businesses. Maybe include a sample DVD or flash drive of your work (people see that as an item of value are won’t readily throw away your advertising). 1) you need a better video; 2) you need better, multi-media, marketing; 3) Direct contact always sells better than 3rd person or non-contact media or any other method. Get on the street and talk to potential customers, businesses, etc. Have a business card, a brochure, and a sample, like DVD or flash drive. Try burning a mini DVD. A written link isn’t that effective. Follow up with an email once you have the potential company’s decision maker’s direct email, and include a link to your sample video. Make up 2 or 5 samples – give them away to some customers and hope they hire you for their next ad campaign. But they better be good and effective. Even starting out, if you aren’t effective at selling, hire someone who is who will hit the streets for you, train them on pricing and selling your product (or just a lead and then come back and work with you on the bid), and give them a healthy % of sales (like 15% to 30%). No sales, no cost to you. They have to be able to make a living selling, and enough for you to do likewise producing. Have a covenant not to compete clause so they don’t try producing themselves. It gets complicated: welcome to the world of self-employed and business. Do you have a business license? Insurance? IRS EIN? Formal LLC or Inc business? Business bank account so you can deposit your first check?

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