Your using the wrong effect,


Your using the wrong effect, first off. The “lighting effects” are for special effects, not basic corrections. You want to be using something like the ProcAmp or Luma Corrector effects. Make sure you have the Waveform Monitor open and play with the effect controls to make sure the image traces are all between 7.5 (the dotted horizontal line) and 100 IRE — keep your eye on the image also. As you play with the controls you’ll begin to see what each does, and how they interact with each other.
As far as the “glitchy” background – at first I thought it was noise (which was being amplified along with the “good” image/signal), but it actually looks like some kind of ghost image, which I have no way to tell where it’s coming from. If it’s still there, all I can suggest is trying to cover it with another layer over your background video, with the area occupied by the talent matted out so she’ll still be visible. In the future, avoid shooting against a bright background. If you’re relying on the cameras auto-iris, shoot against a grey or medium-toned background.
BTW – You will also want to use an external mic rather than the on-camera mic. Place the mic as close to the Talent as possible for the best sound. A good option is a small lavallier mic which can be clipped to the Talent’s wardrobe.
Good Luck!

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