Your quad should be fine b


Your quad should be fine butbe aware, I struggled with 4GB of RAM and Adobe CS4 even with 64-bit OS. It wasn’t until I upped the memory and also moved to CS5 that all memory problems went away. The problems depended on the project; small simple projects worked fine, but even medium sized ones had too many quirks. So I guess it depends on the type of projects you have.

Also, the advice above to have multiple disk drives is great advice. However, using partitions does not solve many problems. The issue with using one drive is that during the edit/preview/render proces, the head has to be repostioned from one file to another as the s/w repeatedly reads from the source andwrites to the target files- time consuming thrashing. By using multiple drives and ensuring the source files are on one drive, the project on another, and previews on a third, each drive’s head stays with the same file rather than thrashing back and forth.

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