“… Your post seems to fa


“… Your post seems to favor the film schools….”


Not so much as ‘favor’. It boils down to when I went back to school, I had a sponsorship but a limited amount of time to complete my degree. My goal for getting my degree was to make an original film preferably written, shot and directed by me. I obviously would have compromised on one or two of those (directing wasn’t up for negotiation.) However, my research into different programs produced the info I gave you in the previous post. Bottom line was filmschool was better for making movies and Mass Comms was better for journalistic production.

I was a ‘ringer’ too when I went back. I remember I wasn’t able to shoot a project because I hadn’t taken ‘video production’ yet, I wasn’t allowed to check out equipment. Forget the awards I’d won and the years carrying a video camera and dragging crews around the world…. My instructor was ticked, but I did the next best thing and took a still camera (good thing I wasn’t in photography!) and ‘shot’ the job anyway. In some ways it came out better.

So it really depends on what your goal for school is. Broadcast Journalism or Filmmaking. I’ve done both and for me there are only slight differences. BTW, try not to argue with your profs. On rare occasion you get an ‘egghead’, but otherwise they know what the curriculum requirements are. The main thing to remember is in the University learning stream, it’s all about school not so much the practical aspects. If you’re all about the practical, don’t waste time with university and go to a tradeschool that offers video production.

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