your point is well taken i


your point is well taken
it’s just like in the audio industry where people want interfaces that go up to 192khz when the end user is using mp3’s.
at the same time you do not know what the future holds.
i just bought a 22" lcd off amazon new for $259, remember what lcd’s used to cost.
maybe in the future the cost of these HD units will fall.
but i don’t think by much.
in the recording world when you get to a certain level the price for quality gear is always going to be high.
My rep from audio called and said they sell cameras now.
he said i could get a canon xl2 on sweetwaters credit plan.
i checked out the xl2 and it is super
check out this clip i found on the dvx user forum.
i think i’m going to go this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i’ll let yall know.

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