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Cyalume Light Sticks
High Intensity White (30 minute “burn time”) or a
Reg. White (8 hour “burn time”)
Taped to the roof, visor, etc…use tin foil on one side to direct the light more in one direction.

Clip on flashlights light this…The light has a clip that comes off the headband and can be attached to visor, plastic moulding, etc to shine on the person in the car.

Tap lights…use a piece of flat aluminium (2″ wide x 1/8″ thick) that will reach from one side of the car to the other…arch it across the celing of the car. Tuck it behind the plastic trim to hold it.

Take the tap lights andduct tape themthem to the aluminium and push them on.

You can shift the flat stock to position the lights where you want them…

White Christmas lights…strung around the roof…if moving, get a DC to AC converter and run the lights from the car.

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