Your guide looks nice and the

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

Your guide looks nice and the product video was awesome. I been uploading some of my extra footage to Pond5 for about a year. Is true there is a market there and I can confirm that you can get some income. One time I made around $100 in just one sale, which is not bad for uploading footage and forgetting about it.  



From my observations the income you receive depends on the volume of videos you upload. By volume I mean more than a thousand videos in your artist page. The more you have the higher probability they will get found on the stock footage search. Another thing I notice, at least with Pond5, is that they take way too much time reviewing the footage you upload. I uploaded around 12 videos about two weeks ago and Pond5 still haven't accept them. The last batch upload I made (around 30 videos) took a month to review. I had to contact them to let them know about it. 
Although this are some minimal flaws I still believe every video producer should sell their stock videos because they generally end up on archive on a hardrive. I prefer to put them to use. 
I invite you to see my videos at my Pond5 Artist Page

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