Your GL2 has separate L/R


Your GL2 has separate L/R manual audio controls. Your adaptor allows for separate input to both/either/or channels. Based on that engineering you are able to record two separate and distinct audio sources one onto the right channel, the other onto the left channel.

In reality, for reasons beyond my engineering comprehension or ability to explain, there will occasionally be some bleeding of the L audio input across to the R, and R across to the L. On the occasions when I’ve done this I’ve nearly always experienced this situation.

Perhaps someone of a more sophisticated level of engineering knowledge can explain why this happens, or even if it is possible to totally and completely isolate the L/R inputs in some way.

So, based on my experience: yes, you can record separate channels. I’ve not been able to totally isolate L/R inputs using different mics and different audio sources and have a distinctly crisp, clean, clear separate audio track for each source.

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