Your first (simplest) opti


Your first (simplest) option has already been mentioned: use the Canon software to import and the Pinnacle software to edit.

Second option is to add FireWire capability. I’ve assumed that you have a PC since you don’t seem to have FireWire built in. You don’t mention if you are using a laptop or desktop. If you have a laptop you’ll want to purchase an adapter that plugs into the expansion port. Check to see if your laptop take a 34 connector or 54 connector card. For a desktop you’ll need to puchase a FireWire card and open the box to install it.

Pinnacle Studio 12 does recognize Canon and Sony camcorders via FireWire, BTDT. But some of the other things about version 12 are better in their advertising than in delivery.For example the title screens look like there were generated on a 1988 model Apple computer. I’ve used Studio software since version 8 and there has been very little improvement in the appearance of the text used for titles.

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