Your camera records in the


Your camera records in the AVCHD format. There are two types of files that can be created.


The first is a separate file every time you press startstop.


The second is what's called a "spanned" file…that is, let's say you're recording a long event and when the camera has recorded a file of the maximum size, it automatically begins a new file almost immediately. Notice I said "almost" immediately. Usually there's a small gap in video and audio between spanned files.


On Canon camcorders, the camera creates additional files that contain the information needed to put the spanned files together WITHOUT the gap. I would assume Panasonic does the same thing, though I can't speak with certainity.


There's two ways you can merge all your spanned files. You can try using the software that came with your camera to import the video to your computer. In most cases this should merge the spanned files.


Another way, if you're using Premiere Pro (I use CS6), is to copy (from the SD card) all the "Private" folder to your hard drive. This will get the special files that join the spanned files. Next, open a project in CS6. Go to Media Browser (NOT the Project Panel) and navigate to your files. Premiere will read the entire Private folder and all your spanned files will appear as one. Just drag and drop it into the Project Panel.

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