Your best bang for the buc


Your best bang for the buck would be the Zoom H2 standalone digital recorders using SD or SDHC cards. At anywhere from $160 to $200, they are the best compromise yet between high end and really, REALLY good general purpose audio backup recording.

I have three now, and will be adding more. I place them on podiums, on mic stands or even taped (Velcroed) to the sides of archs, trellises or walls, depending on there I need them for getting speakers, readers, vows, roving ministers, multiple presenters, officiants…

…I’ve even placed them, though they ARE a bit bulky for this, in the inside pockets of suits and tuxedos, with a wired mic running to the lapel.

Audio is crisp and clear, clean and helps isolate the vocals I want from the general ambient and surrounding noise/sounds. I have had NO difficulty with sync, though there might be some drift if the recording and video is an hour or so long. I’ve recorded as much as an hour without experiencing sync issues with my MiniDV tape digital recordings.

They are easy to steal or get jacked with so there is that issue, but generally speaking I’m delighted with the options, performance and so far have not given any of them away to unethical guests or participants of the gigs I shoot.

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