Your $1K budget isn’t goin


Your $1K budget isn’t going to get you something comparable to the XL Canons, even if you go with something without interchangeable lens capabilities.

There ARE some HD camcorders that can do a decent job for you on a multitude of formats but you’re going to take a serious hit on the glass. The Canon lens quality, not so much interchangeability, was why I went with a pair of XL units in the first place, later augmenting that with a third camera – the Canon GL2.

I still will have to take a step backward IMHO if I go with the Panasonic HMC-150 or JVC’s competitive model, and these units go for mid to high $3K range. I used to think I’d settle for a Canon HV30, but I cannot recall if that model is a CCD or CMOS – I know its replacement HV40 is CMOS and I’m simply not going to go there.

You can certainly find some stuff that will do the job for you in the $1K or so budget bracket, but it will NOT match up to Canon XL1 lens and overall quality.

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