You’ll enjoy it, too – ver


You’ll enjoy it, too – very nice preset for that A1, that one is… πŸ™‚

Do note, though, that the thread starts with a previous version of it, which is updated later in the thread. Go to post #70 on page 5 and get it from there. Here’s a direct link:

Create a folder on your memory card called ‘PRESET’ and drop it into that. It’s named ‘PRESET22.CPF’ on that page but you will need to rename it so call it ‘PRESET01.CPF’ if it’s the first one on your card.

The settings and an example image can be seen in post #67 on the same page. You can edit these settings or create your own presets easily with XH Tuner – it’s free. Not sure off hand where it is but if you google ‘XH Tuner’, you’ll find it.

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