You’ll be fine. You’ll hav


You’ll be fine. You’ll have some technical support issues, because that is the nature of the beast. But your basic plan and strategy is sound.

You definitely want a second hard drive for HD: and in fact a RAID 0 setup for the second driveis even better, although not entirely necessary.

AVCHD is a bear, because the files are compressed so much. The processor has to uncompress them on the fly in order to edit them, which is a big job, so it taxes the processor heavily. However, you can ease the load on your machine somewhat by transcoding the files with Cineform NeoScene, a $99.00 utility through Videoguys. I use the Canon HF S10 (whichIlove)and the AVCHD .mts files make myCoreDuo Quad 3.0GHz run at 95% capacity on all four cores. However, when I transcode the files first with NeoScene they run at about 57%, and the colorspace is much better. NeoSceneis the cheapest thing you can do to increase your relative processing power/speed. It makes AVCHD editing so much easier.

Internal drives are at least hypothetically better than external drives. Some guys have problems with external drives, but it all depends on you and your machine. Most guys use external drives with out problems, but if you have the option, bring the hard drives inside of the box to eliminate problems. The same goes for DVD or BluRay burners. Most times you are fine. But.

>>Second, am I starting too big? I don’t really want to use Windows Media Player, and I know that Adobe Premeire is very high-end, so if there’s something int he middle that will get the job done and make my project look just as nice, please let me know.

If you want something ‘in the middle’ try Sony Vegas. It is a comprehensive all-in-one suite that is very easy to use. Most of the people on this forum (maybe 2/3rds) use it, because it is so easy to use, and because it deliversexcellent bang for the buck. It does not have the higher-end features of CS4, but lots of guys use Vegas for their primary(because it is so much easier) and then they export whatever needs ‘finishing touches’ to CS4 with a free utility called DebugMode Frameserver (which I have not used yet, but everyone loves).

I hope that helps.

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