You won’t want to interfer

AvatarGrinner Hester

You won’t want to interfere with these events by adding lights. You’ll adapt to their lighting.

I’m thinking you’ll wanna upgrade your camera. It’s not that it won’t do for this, it’s just many of the audience members will have a much newer camera than you and if you are trying to sell these videos, well, it aint gonna work. You’ll want to rethink audio too. An echoy shotgun grabbing the room just won’t fly for graduations. Run from the house in this case. You can get away with it with the concerts.

Sounds like regular ole’ Windows Move Maker may be all ya need for post. If you outgrow it, ulead has some affordable solutions then adobe, sony, ect. A quick google search for consumer/prosumer NLEs will give ya more than enough to sift through.

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