You will nedd some way of


You will nedd some way of splitting the mic signal so that you can send one signal to the PA and one to the camera. How is the mic going to be sent to the speakers in the room? Are they using some sort of small PA mixer? If so it may have main outs that go to the speakers, and also a separate aux out that you could use to send a signal to your camera. If there is an aux out, these are usually the larger jack size, so you would need an adapter to go to your camera’s mini-jack input.

If there is no PA mixer, just say the mic cable goes directly intoa poweredspeaker, you may find the speaker has a parrallel XLR audio output that you could tap into. If it does you would need an XLR to mini-jack adapter of some sort and run a cable back to your camera.

Another alternative would be to use a mic splitter following the output of the wireless device and send one signal to the PA and one to camera.

As for the mini jack camera input: these are prone to be easily pulled out or crackle if moved. Tape the cable to something to stop this happening.

So many possible setups and without seeing it’s hard to know, but I have tried to cover a few possible scenarios here

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