You will get about 10 to 1


You will get about 10 to 12 feet from a camera with nightshot, so that does not mean very much.

A camera that is modified will be better able to pick up images in lower light situations, similar to a digital or SLR camera with an ISO setting .

If you plan to record anything worthwhile, you’ll need something a bit brighter, such as an IR illuminator. Some manufacturers also produce their own illuminators. Sony makes one called the HVL-IRH2 that works with any of its NightShot camcorders and also doubles as a conventional light. However, this works only when connected to the camcorder, and it uses the camcorder’s battery. The fact that the illuminator is separate from the camcorder means that you can place it near the subject and leave it, while remaining at a distance with the camcorder.

The downside of using IR mode is that your video turns to black-and-white, because the camcorder is capturing only the IR light, not the full spectrum of color light. This does make your video look rather like what you see through the night-vision goggles that the military uses.

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