“You will find a master wh


“You will find a master when you are ready…”


Not wanting to sound like a cliche’ martial arts flick, but the sentiment is correct. Finding a good mentor as you’ve learned isn’t easy as just asking for one. What’ll happen is during your learning and working process, you’ll ‘put yourself’ in a place where you just run into a mentor. I know that doesn’t sound logical at all, but it’s been my experience. I’ve had lots of mentors and every time I met one I was ‘ready’ at that time to learn what they had to teach. Now, not every mentor is going to be a good one but you can still learn from them even if it is only ‘what not to do’.

Like Cville mentioned with volunteering, you’ll just have to put yourself in places where pros are likely to be. Seminars, training courses, conventions, exhibitions and so on are really good places to start. Above all, don’t go specifically to ‘find a mentor’ ’cause you won’t. It’s kind of like that Zen puzzle that says, “Try to find inner peace and you won’t.” Just go to learn what you can and network with the people at the event. More than likely someone who could be a mentor or can point you in the right direction will show up when you least expect it.

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