< you want to reduce th


< you want to reduce the clip size, but you’re losing picture area in doing so, which makes the viewable area smaller than your safe areas – is that right? >

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I apologize for not being able to articulate the question more clearly.

Regarding the ‘picture in picture’ idea, ya know Hank?…..It’s guys like you that makes it worth posting such a seemingly meaningless question on this & other forums, knowing that one is going to get the chuckles & snide remarks. Your suggestion is an excellent one & a great idea to possibly get around my poorly shot footage.

Your suggestion is also why I value these forums. Not everyone here is a seasoned professional videographer & such suggestions encourages those who are not to further explore this wonderful medium.

I kind of figure that if I’m able to re-size a large picture in Photoshop or in the cheapest photo editor, that I should be able to do the same with a video clip. Since I am not, your suggestion turns out to be a more interesting option.

You are to be commended & thanks so much for the suggestion.

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