You touch on a great many


You touch on a great many issues here. As writers in Videomaker Magazine have described in numerous articles, there are several kinds of wedding video deliverables. Some videographers carefully stage almost all the shots, editing what has come to be called a “short form” video. Others deal with the events of the day as if they were shooting a documentary, staging nothing and getting the best shots they can throughout the day. Which you decide on should be in consultation with the bride and groom.

Unless you are staging everything, it is my opinion that the more footage you have the better your choices and the easier your edit. When I was shooting weddings I rarely turned off the camera during the pre-wedding activities and during the time spent in the ceremony venue. There’s a great deal going on and if you’re alert you can capture excellent serendipitous footage.

If you’re using two cameras during the ceremony, definitely do not turn off either camera from start to finish. You’ll be able to sync the audio and edit the two sources together with a minimum of difficulty.

During the reception, I always try to include shots of everyone in the room. You may not use much of this footage but having it is a good hedge against the bride wanting to see her collage roommate. Ditto the dancing: more is better.

You can always edit out material that doesn’t tell the story of the wedding. But there’s nothing worse than realizing that you don’t have any shots of the ring bearer and flower girl, or the sign in front of the church, or the buffet, shots that you could have recorded but didn’t bother with.

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