You should stay FAR away f


You should stay FAR away from that. Anything that sounds too good to be true, will be.

For starters, nowhere on that site do they list any contact names, phone numbers, or addresses. The only hint of where they are stems from a line about charging NY residents sales tax. This indicates that this is yet another name for that company that is operating in New York selling cameras at unbelievable prices only to upsell you on overpriced items like the power supply, battery, lenses, etc.

What they do is take just the camera body out of the box and that is what they sell. Once you place your order, they call you and pressure you into spending too much for the accessories that the manufacturer included that they removed.

Further, a lot of their products don’t have any warranty since they are not an authorized reseller and some of their products are even overseas product and not supported in the US.

Stick to a known reseller like B&H that has clear policies and that you don’t have to worry about.


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