You should check out the n


You should check out the new Edius NEO2 w/ AVCHD Booster. It provices Real-Time AVCHD editing!

Grass Valley EDIUS Neo 2 with AVCHD Booster Option
The Perfect Solution for Editing AVCHD

Native AVCHD files have previously been difficult to edit with NLE software,
due to the high compression of the video, and often required dedicated
hardware solutions. The new EDIUS Neo 2 Booster allows for smooth,
full-frame editing of native AVCHD video in software only, courtesy of
a newly-developed AVCHD codec engine that can process more than 3
real-time streams simultaneously with EDIUS Neo 2 (tested with an Intel
Core i7 CPU system – just like the Videoguys’ DIY 7 system configuration).

GrassValley EDIUS Neo 2 with AVCHD Booster option is an affordable NLE
software featuring basic, entry-level range of tools and features,
EDIUS Neo 2 software is perfect for those new to video editing. Yet it
also provides powerful nonlinear editing features common to all EDIUS
solutions, such as real-time, multi-track, mixed-format HD/SD editing,
chroma keying, titling, and Blu-ray Disc and DVD authoring. Built on
the same highly-acclaimed technology as the EDIUS editing software,
EDIUS Neo 2 offers native editing of various formats including AVCHD,
HDV, DV, Windows Media, and QuickTime ?? and provides a seamless,
real-time workflow that supports the mixing of all formats within the
same timeline.

The EDIUS Neo 2 Booster makes real-time AVCHD editing an affordable reality and
enhances Grass Valley’s commitment to the real-time “anything in –
anything out” editing platform. The EDIUS Neo 2 Booster is compatible
with Windows XP, Vista (32-bit/64-bit) as well as 32-bit and 64-bit
versions of the new Windows 7 Operating System.


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