You should be able to geta


You should be able to geta usedstandard definitionCannon Xl2for around $2395.00 – 1635.78

A new one will probably cost slightly more than 2000.00…if you just want the camera body, you should be able to find a new one for exactly 2000.00

*note the EF adapters are additional.

A high defintioninterchangeable lens model such as Xl H1 may be had to find for under 2000.00… You may want to consider just purchasing the camera body if you want HD, but that will stll run around 3000.00 for a brand new HD model…

Here are some more references:

From Article:

“In addition to accepting the full line up of Canon’s XL lenses — including the 16x IS II Auto focus lens, 16x Mechanical Servo Zoom lens, 3x Wide Angle, the 1.6x Extender and the EF adaptor for use with Canon’s full line of EF photographic lenses – Canon is launching a new Professional L-series 20X Optical zoom lens, included with the XL2.”

There may be some magnification issues with video making many lenses more appropriate for nature use.

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