You say the venue is like a


You say the venue is like a theatre? In this case you should treat it like a theatre. Lighting the audience in a theatre is a common problem because the only way to keep them happy is to get the lights up high, and at the shallowest, a 45 degree down angle. Big space means your 3 point lighting needs modification. If the space is big, then you break it into areas and light each area. It's more usual to have a central key, and then fill from the sides. However, that looks a bit strange to the people there. Typical theatrical lighting uses pairs of lights from each side of the centre line, and it works because the drop in intensity because of the distance means as an actor goes left or right means the further one acts a little like a fill. With area lighting you will have at least a couple of fixtures for each area, and sometime backlight – but not always. 


Assuming a modest width, then from above the audience I'd light the working area in open white, allowing good coverage left to right. If there is a lectern or special area, this too would be lit separately, and everything controlled by dimmers to allow balancing. The audience lights might come from the same location and might be coloured – this gives separation between the presenters and the audience, and something like a warm light pink might work. The colour shift obviously looks like colour – and if you want to go cool instead, a steel blue (something like Lee 117) works well.


This means a lot of lights. ordinay interview style lights won't be up to it really unless you can get them very high, and then the stands look horrible.

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