You say that they made


You say that they made mistakes by using shots that are not full enough, not enough people, the wrong song, etc but you are forgetting that the spot has to be approved by their client (McDOnalds, etc). What you think is great, they might hate. You might not like the hym, buit the 58 year old guy in charge of advertising might cringe when you play him some crappy Lady GaGa song. Perhaps, they couldnt get licensing for the song they wanted or it cost too much. You sound like you have a talent but you also sound like you think you know it all. You say you could do better than anything they did. I say, I could copy everything they did and do it well. But, copying and coming up with the concept are two different things. I could play most of the Beatles songs on guitar, but I, nor anyone else, could have ever came up with the stuff they did, as simple as it sounds.


I used to do weddings. I would charge from $495 – $2000. I used to hate when the couple would go for the basic package tht had none of the frills. But that is the tape they showed their friends. No opening baby pics, no re-cap, etc. So, all of their friends thought that was all I could do but I gave them what they paid for. Same goes for your competition. They may have had better ideas but might have been shot down from the only person that matters… the guy with the checkbook.


Stand back…. do some side work and get some experience. I have a feeling that if you do work with the competition's clients, they arent going to want to work with you because you think you know more than they do and in this business, everyone has an ego and the man with the money wins.


Just some friendly advice. Good luck

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