You said: “There is no dou


You said:

“There is no doubt your camera will not have a Firewire port; Firewire was not invented until after 8mm was phased out. On the other hand, when you spoke of your connector, you didn’t mention the model or make, but an Analogue-to-Digital (AD) converter would come with software to make capturing the video simple & straightforward. I sounds like you already have the burning to DVD part down, so I want to move on to making the capture process work well.”

I politely, pointed out the fact that you were TOTALLY WRONG.

There was a cheap means readily available, that would take both analogue and digital 8mm tapes.

I asked him “If” several times, on the outside chance that the post might help him (or others reading the post with similar problems)

you responded with:

“But as it is, all of our posters yammering on about Firewire or USB ports do not know anything about the actual question, the problem or any clue as to how it needs to be solved. My guess is that they are but children and can’t stop themselves from being stupid in public.

So while I’m sure you think you know how video operates, your responses prove otherwise.”

and now:

“I do apologize for ranting a bit about useless & misleading advice. We are the individuals responsible for seeing our novices are aided by the forum postings and not confused by them. I take that responsibility very seriously. So you can rely on what I have to say, I also explain the logic behind my advice. So I take a while to do it, you are welcome to argue against my logic all you want. Just be prepared to explain the logic behind your claims. After all, discussion encourages learning.”

I think it’s safe to say we all learned something about you. Would’ve reflected better on you if you had said sorry for the name calling. It was un-called for, and would certianly be bad for business, if any of your potential customers read this thread.

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