You said: "Also, I as


You said: "Also, I assume the GL2 is a good choice for this type of filming?"

The GL2 is a very good general purpose prosumer camcorder for the budget you mentioned.
But if you’re going to do a lot of on-the-street-interviews with a handheld camcorder, you would find a shoulder-mount unit easier to work with. Within your budget, the selection of shoulder-mount camcorders is VERY limited. Least expensive woud be the Panasonic DVC7, which only has a single 1/4" CCD. Since you’re also doing ChromaKey work, the single CCD might not give precise enough color for clean keys. For just a little more, Panasonic makes the DVC20, which has 3 CCDs. But those CCDs are only 1/6" in size, kinda small for a supposedly PROsumer product. For $2200, B&H sells the Panasonic DVC60, an excellent shoulder-mount prosumer camcorder (slightly over you budget, though). I also see that B&H is selling a JVC should-mount S-VHS camcorder for $1500, but you probably should stick with a miniDV unit.

Well, hey, I guess that brings us right back to the GL2! I think I’ve seen some attachments that can turn a normal camcorder into a shoulder-mount unit. Sorry for the long winded response that just returns to the starting point. 🙂

Ken Hull

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