you record to a memory card


you record to a memory card instead of a tape. The camera converts the images to data files, which can be stored on portable devices – usb sticks, cards etc. You stuff them into your computer, usually with some kind of adapter. Copy them to your hard drive and edit away. Tape based systems take an hour to get an hours recording into a computer, while card based systems can be much quicker than real time and save time and money. Your macbook will be happy with digital media, and of course all the tape based problems such as dropouts and damaged tapes go away. Cards can be corrupted of course, but my experience is much better with them than tape. Tapes were categorised by their length. memory cards by storage capacity. 8Gb is twice as much recoding time as 4Gb. The cameras also can record with different qualities – the higher the quality, the bigger the files. However – memory is also cheap. 32Gb cards are less than a tenner! record to card, stuff in macbook, and edit. neat!

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