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You possibly could have started a new thread on this topic. But I’ll dive in anyway:

Nothing’s changed. NTSC and PAL are still as uncompatible as ever.And the camcoders today don’t offer both (though they should).

You can fiddle a lot with editing software to transfer between the two, but it’s just not worth it. Better to buy a PAL camcorder for Europe. The good news: you can buy PAL units in the US cheaper than you would get them in Europe (look at B&H in NYC for ex.). The bad: if you have them mailed to you directly you may be hit up for taxes. Best tohave a friend bring one in for you that you had sent to his/her address. The other option in the UK is to look on eBay for new camcorders sold out of Germany. They’re usually a lot cheaper than in Britain, and being part of the EU you don’t pay import duties on them.

On the other hand if you are really, really set on having both PAL and NTSC, to my knowledge there is only one camera that does that out of the box: the prosumer Sony HVR-Z1. Which is a great unit but a lot bigger than any holiday videomaker would want. You can get the similar Canon A1 upgraded to PAL, but it’ll cost $500 (!).

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