You normally get what you pay


You normally get what you pay for. You can spend £600 on a Gopro, you can buy 8 Chinese ones for the same price. Which is better? For slapping on a 4×4 and hurtling through mud and trees, then the cheap one, that you can happily lose may well be better. A bug pen could get you audio to save the day, and a Zoom recorder might well be overkill for some jobs. Of course, the cheaper ones can have issues – you have to do the juggling act in coming to a conclusion.

The only time I get concerned is with radio equipment.

“I guess with lav mics, the Sennheiser ew100 g2 / g3 is the standard – but why are they so crazy expensive ??”

You need to keep in mind that these are the LOWEST range of professional mics Sennheiser make, they do do cheaper but pro’s rarely consider those, unless absolutely penny pinching. Indeed, the actual mics that most pro users use on them cost over £200 each, and are considered disposable! Most TV wireless mic users are paying a lot more than the G3 range cost. The reason is radio systems are inherently unreliable, as you see all the time when watching TV, especially the OB morning stuff, where there is little time to test – when they cut out, get interfered with, or do other nasty things. Even worse, you do jobs where other people are also using radio systems and the entire thing hinges on the user with the least technically good kit.

What cost is a failed recording?

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