you need to obtain a relea


you need to obtain a release and/or permission especially when shooting near things of high national security importance such as refineries or military bases.

I understand that and I have no problem getting permission when I need to. What I do have a problem with is people saying areas like military bases and refineries are of “high national security” when anyone in the world can go on Google maps and look for these “highly secure areas.” I have a problem with police officers still viewing me as a threat when I provide ample proof that I’m nothing more than a student working on a school project. I have a problem being treated rudely by an officer on a power trip when I agreed to stay and cooperate over my actions that weren’t illegal to begin with.

The fact that this authorities in the country think they can do something to make this country completely safe isridiculous. No one can be completely safe. The only thing someone can do is create the illusion of complete safety.

D0n…what you said is a good point. I never even thought of the crap I may deal with at an airport. Airport security is bad enough. I certainly don’t need this hanging over my head.

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