You missed one point or ma


You missed one point or maybe I didn’t express it clearly enough. The size is always bigger than 720×480. I’m talking about expanding the video out to the size a TV would resize it too to get square pixels for the web. By getting the conversion value wrong you can introduce the line. If you are getting a line when importing the video then you have other problems unless the line is introduced by rendering out the video to view. After switching to handbrake for my encoding I’ve been able to use the anamorphic features to encode everything as 720×480 and heve it show up perfectly on net or TV. That way seems to work best and I don’t see the distortion I sometimes see by trying to render out the video as a square pixel fully expanded piece. The mini-dv format causes a lot of problems with modern cameras. For instance my XL2’s image block is 960×480 which it anamorphically reduces to 720×480. Anything you record as progressive is pseudo progressive in that two frames of the same image are interleved to form the frames. I fought the line for months and the only way I could get rid of it was to make sure everything was evenly divisable by 16 on the sizes and adjusting it if necessary. It almost sounds like the import is trying to do 720×486 instead of 720×480. I don’t use anything except firewire so the size is transmitted along with the first part of the file. But I do remember capturing with a capture card and how that sometimes caused the line. Since I wasn’t doing anything with a capture card I figured something was wrong with my render. Handbrake will fix you up regardless if you want to crop it out or use the anamorphic to get things right. Seems to me the anamorphic method would be best for DVD making since you want to let the TV stretch the video if possible.


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