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You might also look closer at the Sony Z5-Z7 units. While I think shooting with a DSLR has a nice look, it is also more difficult. I have been using both the Sony Z series and the Canon 60D and I prefer the Sony units. They are easy to use, have full CD quality stereo sound recording ability (more difficult on the HDSLRs) and can record on chips and/or tape. I use both. I archive all original footage and tape provides that at a low cost. I use chips to transfer the footage to the editor because it’s a lot faster.

Shooting a wedding video is a lot harder than most people think and is more difficult than shooting stills. Besides having to capture scenes instead of just moments, you also have to capture excellent sound which is a lot more difficult than image. Aside: don’t go “dirt cheap” on your wireless mics.

Finally, consider that you will probably shoot other events so plan accordingly.


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