You may want to take a look


You may want to take a look at the $748 Panasonic G6. It can shoot weddings that look like this:





Behind the scenes fashion videos that look like this:





Music videos that look like this:





Watersports videos that look like this:





And short films that look like this:





This is the only large sensor interchangeable lens camera below $1000 with camcorder-like features such as a viewfinder that keeps working in video mode, fast video autofocus – and continuous recording for more than 30 minutes without having to be restarted (important for weddings, concerts and other events).


It also has wi-fi for wireless transfer of files and remote control from your phone or tablet, 1080/60p for smooth action and/or slow motion, focus peaking if you choose to focus manually, a fully articulated LCD, a built-in intervalometer for time lapse and many other features that make it a great video and still camera.


At $748 from Amazon or Adorama, the Panasonic G6 is a very good value for your money.


Hope this is helpful and best of the holidays,



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