you may want to consider 3


you may want to consider 3 CCD type camera for gathering the input
video. Usually 3 CCD’s are better than just one. Most low end cameras
have only one CCD. Also, if you plan to shoot for more than one hour
and changing the mini DV cassett is necessary to be done fast, ..
recommend a side loading cassett camera. Side loaders have the
advantage over a bottom loader when you have the camera on a
tripod. On a tripod, the bottom loaders require the camera to be
removed from the tripod prior to changing out the cassett.

If you are going to do a lot of video editing. Stay away from
the mini DVD disc and the hard drive camercorders for now. Many
video software editing programs do not support all these
new formats for now. With the specialty mini DVD and hard drive
cameras come specialty video editing software, which may
limit your abitlity to do many special effects that are available
in the normal mini DV supported video editing programs

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