you may need some sort of


you may need some sort of documentation/license to film in certain public locations depending on the scope of production and especially if it involves certain types of props like toy guns, but you won’t need a license to post it up on the blog….if anyone tells you otherwise…tell em to piss off…if they have the authority to take it down, then let them take it down, then start a commotion and break a window. πŸ˜‰

btw…I think it’s a bunch of bollocks they way the news here has been portrayingLondonlike it’s in chaos because of the G20 summit.A couple peoplejust decided to busted a window while there where dozens of reporters standing around,big deal….otherwise it seemed to be a relatively peaceful protest….I even heard it was more like a festival…Am I wrong, Just Curious?

I bet it would’ve been fun to capture that.

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