You know that it’s really


You know that it’s really not just narrow depth of field vs everything in focus. Until DSLRs were invented one of the complaints about cameras designed for video was that focussing was difficult! It seems the whole world believes that a really shallow DoF is critical for ‘quality’ when all it’s critical for is a shot where the background is not intended to be looked at. I find it extremely annoying when a shot is framed and I cannot see accurate detail in the background. Watching feature films does not mean watching Shallow DoF all the time – many movies have rock sharp background and foreground. Indeed, I’d go so far as to say there are more sharp backgrounds than narrow. With an ND filter and open lens, you can have a pretty shallow DoF on a real video camera that has all sorts of useful features, and few drawbacks. Move the camera further away from the subject zoom in, and your background is nice and soft. Given the choice of an ex3 or a DSLR, I’d choose the EX3 every time, and I actually don’t like them much to use. If you don’t know the exact things you’ll need to shoot – I can’t advise you, but I do know it would have to be a very special requirement to convert me to losing the features I love and accepting a DSLR. I do appreciate lots of people disagree, and that’s fine – but personally, I like sharp pictures back and foreground unless its for a special effect, not for every shot – I find it tiresome.

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