You know, I’ve honestly ha


You know, I’ve honestly had no complaints about my GL-2’s as far as the look goes. The 2100 does have a bit more of the ENG/Newscasting look to it than the GL-2 does, but honestly, either one will still demand respect.

Remember that most people who will see you at work are used to using their tiny little consumer camera that doesn’t come with even a lens hood. The GL-2 is going to look a lot more pro than what they see and use every day.

I’ll admit that looks do matter to an extent, but if you really want a camera that has the "look", then you really need to just save up for an XL-2 and go that way. Panasonic makes the C7, which looks really professional too, but I would advise you not to buy that. It’s an inferior camera put into an oversized body. However, it does look really neat, and that’s not at all a bad thing.

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