You know, I have a similar


You know, I have a similar question, only different… I’ve noticed that some one-cam shoots can jump to close-ups with only a minor crossfade.I see this fromlive on-setwith the same camera angle, not another camera. Almost sure about that. (The show is shot and broadcast live locally.)

I use a Canon XHA1 and I doubt I can make it zoom in that quick even with the zoom set up on the control to jump to it. Best I can figure is the interviewee needs to be caught between sentences. Tricky. I wouldn’t be shooting for a live feed. But still, I’d be terrified to make a huge miscalculation.

I guess the better option would be to crop in editing, but italways seems to be a touch out of focus no matter what… (Editing in either CS4 or Vegas Pro.)

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