You haven’t mentioned if y


You haven’t mentioned if you’ve done this with with any other camcorders, so you know the process works. Nor did you mention which of the myriad of settings to record video you have & haven’t attempted. And it isn’t clear when your device error occurs. Is it being recognized by Windows? Is it recognized by Movie Maker? Exactly what were you doing before it errored out? You say you were attempting to upload video, did you actually mean capture video? Uploading & capturing are handled by completely different software systems.

So I can’t tell you anything unless you can describe the problem. If I were you, I would error on the side of more information than you think we need. But I can confidently say it has nothing to do with not using Sony software. I connected one of my Sony’s through the Firewire port. But I’d already started Movie Maker! And it instantly recognized the camera as I plugged it in. So my Windows XP SP2 handled everything perfectly while running on the Sony VAIO it came preinstalled on. What are you doing different?

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