You have not stated if the


You have not stated if these are single, duel or double layer discs.
Don’t forget the single layer disc come in + and – Formats. The format is difinative as to its ability to play in a DVD player.

Yes, the age and brand of machine will effect the burnt DVD’s playability too.
The cheaper brands (most recent units) coming from China seem to play anything. The older machines – say anything older than 2 years just don’t have the codecs to play the multiple formats. I aslo find that the lasers of some cheap units do not last as long as some of the bigger brand names.

I find I can only play DVD+R DL and DVD-R in all of my stand alone DVD players. My sons machine (el cheapo) will play all formats

Not all “replicated” discs work 100% either. We have two identical machines – same brand, same model and 10 digits difference in the serial number.
We have a “replicated” DVD disc that will work in one machine, but not in the other – go figure.

duplication technology is based on a chemical layer being “burnt”
The production process requires the chemical dye to be spread evenly accross the disc. Manufacturing proccess is not always perfect and thick and thin areas in layer may form causeing either a “Coaster” when burnt, or efffect the laser from “reading” the information.

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