You have an excellent camera;


You have an excellent camera; with today's editing software you can easily render progressive, so I would not worry about the interlaced format. I am going to assume you want a great blur with short depthof field, and that is the reason for that Letus adapter (for the film look). Here is what I would do:

A. Check to makesure the Letus adapter has a bettery and it is turned on (vibrates to reduce grain).

B. Use a prime lens (for instance an M42 Takumar 55mm F1.4 is affordable, less than $200, and a mount adapter between M42 and Canon or Nikon is just a few dollars, less than $20). You will now have sufficient light going through, large glass, and a superb DOF effect. 

C. If with that setup you still get too much grain, then say goodbye to your Letus, throw it away, and never film with it again, and pray you find someone to buy it (no luck with mine). These devices are indeed obsolete, grainy and noisy for today's standards. With the money get a cheap DSLR, put that lens above on it, and use it to gram your close-ups, and your stots will be orders of magnitude higher quality than anything captured through a Letus vibrating mirror.


I only put a Letus on a camcorder when I intentionally want my footage to be super grainy (when I show a memory or a dream, or I want footage to look archival, etc). But then again you can achieve the same effect with software.


I hope this helps!

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