you have a ground loop! th


you have a ground loop! the ground from the TV and your camera are causing this… you need to isolate them here’s a post I found sometime ago on

“I ran into a similar problem while recording a kick-boxing match several
years ago. The camera audio was fed from a Mackie 1402 and video out
was feeding a projector hung from the convention center ceiling.

A severe hum was introduced when the video was connected. The problem
was fixed by inserting an isolation transformer on the video out. Video
isolation transformers are available at Markertek.

Of course I didn’t have one in my bag, but the second camera on the
shoot was operated by a local TV station tech. He was able to find one
at the station and returned with it just before the show was to start”

i had the same issue the other day and this resolved it… mi mystake i call them all DI-Boxes ( this one is labeled VIDEO…

hope this helps you…

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