You got to be kidding me!!


You got to be kidding me!!!! Why would anyone stick to DV???? I hate DV’scompression,it looks like crap. If you think you might still be working with DV, get a camera that can rec on DV and give you the option to upgrade to HDV, like a Z1U or a FX1, and even so you would be buying a camera that uses a tape media not far from dead. When I first bought my Z1U I was a bit concerned and scared about HDV’s workflow anddidn’tfeel like experimenting in the middle of a project. Then I started capturing in HDV, but down converting to DV, but noticed that the images looked very nice in my monitor when I was capturing but lookedawfulonce in my computer. Today I don’t even think about using DV and I’m looking for better camera with tapeless media, such as the HMC150, or wait one more year and get a EX1. I wouldrecommendgetting a good video card like the intensity pro, that alone opens your horizon to a much broader line of video compression codecs.

Plus, by the year 2011 SD will be long gone.

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